Meaning of mob-handed in English:


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informal British
  • In considerable numbers.

    • ‘they came mob-handed’
    • ‘‘They turned up about seven and just went in mob-handed,’ said one neighbour who declined to be named.’
    • ‘Our problem is we are the most law-abiding community, the pensioners - we weren't brought up to go mob-handed anywhere.’
    • ‘We were committing a lot of players, so if they had the ball we had no cover on second and third phase, and if we had the ball they could defend against us mob-handed.’
    • ‘There is ample evidence I have seen in the material to give rise to a suspicion of overkill or even a mob-handed approach to the litigation so far as the time spent on the case concerned’
    • ‘Some people would have marched off mob-handed to settle the score, some people would have gone into hiding and ceased all anti-racism campaigning.’
    • ‘For anyone to attack these people mob-handed is inexcusable and the full weight of the law should be brought against them.’
    • ‘Scalloped hammerhead sharks are difficult to mistake, and usually seen mob-handed where deep waters meet reef.’
    • ‘Well, dearly as I love my friends, they are the last people in the world I'd want turning up mob-handed on a date of mine.’