Meaning of Member of Congress in English:

Member of Congress

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  • A person formally elected to the US national legislative body, especially a member of the House of Representatives.

    ‘Members of Congress have to answer to the voters’
    • ‘The party is the culmination of two consecutive days' worth of official visits to Members of Congress.’
    • ‘Money, however, doesn't buy influence, claim Members of Congress.’
    • ‘There was a standing ovation from many Members of Congress in response to the film clip they saw.’
    • ‘Members of Congress are considering raising the federal minimum wage to $7 an hour.’
    • ‘The giant multinational pharmaceutical companies have one professional lobbyist for every two Members of Congress.’
    • ‘Several union leaders and 43 Members of Congress called on him to shelve the show.’
    • ‘You can call, e-mail or write your Members of Congress to urge tougher antitrust and fair trade laws for agriculture.’
    • ‘With them was Pomeroy, North Dakota's Member of Congress, who worked on the legislative authorization.’
    • ‘He is an old-school Member of Congress who's considered virtually indestructible in his home base of America's heartland.’
    • ‘Why did virtually every Member of Congress vote for this bill, then later admit they didn't actually read it?’