Meaning of marmalize in English:


(also marmalise)

Pronunciation /?mɑ?m?l??z/


[with object]
  • 1British informal Beat (someone) up.

    • ‘they're real aggro men who'll marmalize anybody for a few quid’
    • ‘We will not rest until the truth is heard-even the threat of marmalizing cannot shut us up!’
    • ‘You're sent home from school for mooning your math teacher, marmalizing three classmates, and following the school nurse around for an hour saying .’
    • ‘The Diddy Men were just around the corner marmalizing a passer by.’
    • ‘I have been heard to say that I am going to "Marmalize" someone.’
    1. 1.1Defeat heavily.
      • ‘we pulverized United, absolutely marmalized them’
      • ‘Great to see her in a semi-final, we thought, and sat back and waited for her rival to marmalise her. The marmalising duly took place.’
      • ‘Well, I guess I deserved it, the bloke I played with didn't deserve me, he plays off 22 and by rights I should have marmalized him, but his chipping and iron play were ten times better than me.’
      trounce, defeat utterly, beat, annihilate, drub, give a drubbing to, crush, rout, worst, overwhelm, outclass


1960s of uncertain origin; perhaps humorously from marmal- (in marmalade) + -ize (perhaps after pulverize).