Meaning of lig in English:


Pronunciation /l?ɡ/

verbligs, ligging, ligged

[no object]informal British
  • Take advantage of free parties, travel, or other benefits offered by companies for publicity purposes.

    • ‘instead of touring, the band spent all their time fighting and ligging’
    • ‘It's been a wonderful week; I've dined on five-star nosh in a brand-new old-style luxury chalet; I've ligged around Val D' Isere like a bone fide, rich-bint ‘It’ person and frothed around in the same jacuzzi recently occupied by Bono.’
    • ‘Instead of dedicating themselves to breaking America by touring, they spent all their time fighting and ligging.’
    • ‘Chris and I are on a guest list for Thursday - fancy ligging it?’
    • ‘He failed to disclose exactly how much of licence payers' money he pocketed for hosting the show, nor did he clarify whether he forked out thousands for his daughters' VIP tickets, or ligged them.’
    • ‘They all seemed to be hanging round the champagne bar complaining about the noise, asking each other what they were doing for the summer and trying to lig dinner at Nobu on their mobiles.’


informal British
  • A free party or show provided for publicity.

    • ‘I wasn't interested in ligs, or freebies, or expenses’
    • ‘The revolutionary socialists only agreed to cease their protest when they were invited to an after-show lig in one of the capital's most expensive pubs.’
    • ‘He cast around for writers associated with music, but not the usual line-up of cliché-ridden rock journos, ever ready to deliver a great review for the price of a good lig.’
    • ‘Showing their support - or love of a good lig - a full complement of Cook's posse had come out to Brazil.’
    social gathering, gathering, social occasion, social event, social function, function, get-together, celebration, reunion, festivity, jamboree, reception, at-home, soirée, social


1960s from a dialect variant of lie, literally ‘lie about, loaf’, whence ‘freeload’.