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nounplural noun lidos

  • A public open-air swimming pool or bathing beach.

    ‘In the summer time, the lido area's outdoor swimming pool is a popular gathering spot.’
    • ‘In 2002, there was a spate of vandalism, including one incident in which damage put at £1, 000 was caused to the open-air lido.’
    • ‘There is talk of really striking out and walking down to Taurito Centro (the bottom of the hill) to check out the beach and the lido, but I'm not sure how much will come of it.’
    • ‘We also liked the photo of what looked like a submerged lido on the beach at Broadstairs (although we would have liked the photo to be a bit bigger).’
    • ‘Of course, lidos weren't your average swimming pool.’
    • ‘The London Pools Campaign, which was set up to highlight the closure of swimming pools across the capital, also pushed for the lido to be re-opened.’
    • ‘A working party of council officers and users, including the Charlton Lido Swimming Club, will look at ways to reopen the lido in time for next summer if possible.’
    • ‘Like the Scarborough lido, the Jubilee Pool is an open-air pool filled with unheated sea water and also forms part of the coastal defences.’
    • ‘The women remember sunny days at lidos where ‘hundreds of young Viennese would swim and mingle’, and the fun they had at the summer training camp in the southern resort of P?rtschach on Lake W?rthersee.’
    • ‘The lido, on Denton Road, includes diving and paddling areas, a café and large grassed areas for sunbathing.’
    • ‘I am surprised at his attacks on Greenwich Council regarding the Charlton and Greenwich lidos.’
    • ‘I'm developing a web site on old lidos and pools that have now gone.’
    • ‘In Victorian times its pavilions, lidos and deck chairs bustled with activity.’
    • ‘Whitby has been waiting more than 30 years for a sports hall to supplement its ailing lido, which is currently costing Council Tax-payers £200,000 a year just to keep open.’
    • ‘The lido forms a pivotal part of the Time and Tide Project to breathe new life into the town's promenade and, under proposals that went out to public consultation, could be demolished to make way for a toilet and caf complex.’
    • ‘She said: ‘Our lido is one of relatively few in the country which hasn't been demolished or altered and it should be protected.’’
    • ‘Even when the lido opens, the cafe often stays shut or displays a sign ‘No food today due to staff shortages’, meaning a long trudge back into town just to buy a sandwich!’
    • ‘Despite the sun, most opted for the warm waters of the indoor pool at 30C, with only about a quarter of visitors braving the chillier lido, at only 17C.’
    • ‘When I visited the Charlton Lido recently, I spoke to some young lads aged 12 to 13, who had spent most of the summer at the lido and thought it was great.’
    • ‘Guests are entitled to use its facilities free of charge and we spent a pleasant day at the private lido which has a restaurant, changing rooms and umbrellas with sun beds.’
    seaside, seashore, shore, coast, coastline, coastal region, seaboard, foreshore, water's edge, margin



/?li?d??/ /?l??d??/


Late 17th century from Italian Lido, from lido ‘shore’, from Latin litus.

Main meanings of Lido in English

: lido1Lido2


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proper noun

  • 1An island reef off the coast of north-eastern Italy, in the northern Adriatic. It separates the Lagoon of Venice from the Gulf of Venice. Full name Lido di Malamocco /d? ?mal??m?k??/.

  • 2also the LidoA town and beach resort in north-eastern Italy, on the Lido reef opposite Venice; population 20,000 (est. 2008).



/?li?d??/ /?l??d??/