Meaning of let something drop in English:

let something drop

(also let something fall)
(also let something rest)


  • Casually reveal a piece of information.

    ‘from the things he let drop I think there was a woman in his life’
    • ‘After the cop had stopped the attractive and self-assured woman for speeding, she let it drop that her father was himself an officer, recently retired.’
    • ‘The other day, while talking to a group of women at a public function, she let it drop that she had visited the Chief Minister.’
    • ‘Some time ago, he let it fall that he thought the novel no longer had any life in it.’
    • ‘Some things he let drop during our conversation last night lead me to believe that his arm might be painful to him this morning.’
    • ‘From what I could gather from hints she let fall, she had been pushed down a staircase by her husband some years back.’


  • Say or do no more about a matter.

    ‘you should let it drop, love, it's more trouble than it's worth’
    • ‘We are certainly not going to let it rest until we get an answer, and an answer we can accept.’
    • ‘But if the situation is in check, we say let it rest.’
    • ‘‘I just want what is mine. I'm not going to let it rest,’ he said.’
    • ‘I'm hoping the prosecution will let it rest now.’
    • ‘It has upset everybody, we just can't let it rest.’
    • ‘Either do something about the situation or let it rest.’
    • ‘But James was not prepared to let it rest there, and went on to insist on publishing novels and poems.’
    • ‘He had written to the local MP about the situation and residents would not let it rest.’
    • ‘In the same defiant way, she decided not to let it rest when she was prescribed a drug she was convinced was inappropriate.’
    • ‘Sam didn't know whether to push the issue or let it rest.’