Meaning of lathi in English:


Pronunciation /?lɑ?ti?/


  • (in South Asia) a long, heavy iron-bound bamboo stick used as a weapon, especially by police.

    as modifier ‘a lathi charge’
    • ‘Police resorted to heavy lathi charge and fired rubber bullets to disperse the clashing groups.’
    • ‘Rail officials brought in police armed with lathis to intimidate an angry crowd of relatives gathered near the crash site.’
    • ‘We need not use lathis, swords and bullets for breaking their fronts.’
    • ‘The police had to resort to a mild lathi charge to disperse the mob.’
    • ‘It finally took policemen wielding lethal looking lathis to bring the plaza back to some semblance of normality.’
    club, bludgeon, stick, truncheon, baton, blackthorn, mace, bat


From Hindi lā?hī.