Meaning of know best in English:

know best


  • Have better knowledge or more appropriate skills.

    ‘a mother always knows best where her children are concerned’
    • ‘The left have always believed that governments know best.’
    • ‘Thankfully, mums always know best and by the age of 13 Susie was gradually able to start playing sport again.’
    • ‘I was put on Prozac and the doc suggested counseling, which I never took - in retrospect maybe I should have but I thought I knew best, as always.’
    • ‘When you hear the phrase ‘the customer always knows best,’ do you let out a hollow laugh?’
    • ‘The parade of recent corporate scandals has further strained the notion that directors always know best.’
    • ‘It's not only patients who feel that the days when doctors always knew best are over.’
    • ‘IT is not always the case that the doctor knows best.’
    • ‘This philosophy proceeded on two false premises - it was better for children to be ‘seen and not heard’ and that father or mother - generally father - knew best.’
    • ‘Scottish Natural Heritage has come under fire for dictatorial, arrogant attitudes, ignoring the needs and wishes of landowners, and assuming it knows best.’
    • ‘On this occasion, however he seems to imply that he knows best.’