Meaning of junky in English:


Pronunciation /?d???ki/


informal North American
  • Useless or of little value.

    • ‘He will draw figures in a clumsy way and make use of the cheap look of junky illustration while at the same time handling other elements, such as watercolor, elegantly.’
    • ‘Pairing a prized picture with a cheap and junky frame not only cheapens the picture but also the entire room.’
    • ‘Instead, it was junky short pass incomplete on second down, junky short pass incomplete on third down.’
    • ‘But (surprise-surprise) many vegetarians don't eat enough of these foods either, instead filling up on junky foods like French fries and glazed donuts.’
    • ‘I have it on good authority that nearby New Zealand house exists a mythical store called the New Zealand shop which serves up all manner of junky treats from those particular far off shores.’
    • ‘Ben Brown was almost in tears because he's so angry that people are just shooting off little junky items instead of really putting in the devotion the web deserves.’
    • ‘Get a head-start on your cleaning by getting rid of your old, junky cosmetics and replacing them with fresh, new hues.’
    • ‘On television, we've been able to flood the market with more junky old shows than ever.’
    • ‘They're surrounded by fast-food outlets in schools, soda and candy machines, and junky snacks in classrooms and at parties, parades, holiday celebrations, and just about everywhere else.’
    • ‘It screams for junky take-out food and things that contain healthy amounts of bacon.’
    • ‘How do food companies entice us to buy junky foods?’
    • ‘Are we becoming one big junky food - consuming society?’
    poor-quality, second-rate, third-rate, substandard, low-grade, inferior, common, vulgar, shoddy, trashy, tawdry, tinny, brassy, worthless, meretricious, cheap and nasty, cheapjack, gimcrack, Brummagem, pinchbeck

nounplural noun junkies

variant spelling of junkie