Meaning of instigator in English:


Pronunciation /??nst?ɡe?t?/

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  • A person who brings about or initiates something.

    ‘he was not the instigator of the incident’
    • ‘any instigators of violence will be punished’
    • ‘The grizzled man is the instigator of all the troubles between Billy and the master-at-arms.’
    • ‘The author thus implies that the means to understanding the causes of the violence and the motivations of its instigators lie in the study of the previous fourteen centuries.’
    • ‘Can architects become instigators of greater disaster-response collaboration?’
    • ‘In the manner of Late Roman politics the instigator of the new troubles, Arbogastes, had been instrumental in bringing down Maximus.’
    • ‘Men's health self-help is both an instigator and a product of this ideology.’
    initiator, prime mover, motivator, architect, designer, deviser, planner, shaper, inventor, maker, producer, contriver, mastermind, originator, author, creator, founder, pioneer, father, mother, founding father, agent
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