Meaning of inconsequence in English:


Pronunciation /?n?k?ns?kw?ns/

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See inconsequent

‘In much the same way that I prefer my hamburgers to taste of real ingredients and my chips to be cooked all the way through, I'm a fan of fulfilling inconsequence, titillating trivia, some satisfaction with the superficiality.’
  • ‘I should have done you a greater service had I pointed out to you its thoughtlessness, its inconsequence, and its want of comprehension.’
  • ‘But in the preceding century, England was frequently an afterthought on the world stage, an island kingdom tinkering on the brink of inconsequence.’
  • ‘Anyway, back to the issue and the point is that unless we start making a noise for ourselves we will be further condemned to the dustbins of inconsequence that are our sheds.’
  • ‘In all this, my hostess was a constant provider of chat, inconsequence and distraction, but gave me no opportunity to focus my attention on anything for very long nor to fully absorb my surroundings.’