Meaning of howzit in English:


Pronunciation /?ha?z?t/


informal South African
  • Used as a greeting, equivalent to ‘hello’ or ‘how are you?’

    • ‘howzit my china—surprised to see me?’
    • ‘It was good to see some of them and say howzit, but a huge gulf of difference between us all meant that small talk dried up very quickly.’
    • ‘Better yet, send me photos and directions to all the secret breaks you find from the inspiration of this column, and I'll drop in some day to say ‘howzit?’’
    • ‘I say ?Howzit!? to iWeek magazine’
    • ‘A real Afrikaner might reply to a "Howzit" with a bewildering response.’


Contraction of how is it?.