Meaning of how far in English:

how far


  • 1Used to ask how great a distance is.

    ‘they wanted to know how far he could travel’
    • ‘If aviation fuel is noticeable at this distance from Gatwick, how far does it extend?’
    • ‘I know there are buses, but how far is it to walk?’
    • ‘How far is it around the lakes?’
  • 2To what extent.

    ‘he was not sure how far she was committed’
    • ‘This may have been the decision of one individual, I'm not sure how far it was pursued.’
    • ‘Not sure how far he got with it all, but there's a thread about his efforts somewhere about.’
    • ‘The increase shows just how far the town has come with regard to its war on litter in recent months.’
    • ‘It is a sign of how far the lawless minority have taken over when they force milkmen to ride in pairs for safety's sake.’
    • ‘Curators agonize over how far they should be seeking to educate or entertain.’