Meaning of hepatic in English:


Pronunciation /h??pat?k/


  • Relating to the liver.

    ‘right and left hepatic ducts’
    • ‘The smaller bile ducts converge within the liver to form the hepatic duct outside the liver.’
    • ‘Hepatorenal syndrome occurs in patients with chronic liver disease and advanced hepatic failure.’
    • ‘Liver metastases frequently present with multiple hepatic lesions on diagnosis.’
    • ‘Nonalcoholic fatty liver is defined as hepatic steatosis in the absence of alcohol use or another chronic liver disease.’
    • ‘The combination of gastrointestinal haemorrhage and hepatic encephalopathy indicates a poor prognosis.’


less common term for liverwort


Late Middle English via Latin from Greek hēpatikos, from hēpar, hēpat- ‘liver’.