Meaning of gulpin in English:


Pronunciation /?ɡ?lp?n/


informal Irish
  • A stupid or foolish person.

    • ‘a bundle of gulpins messing about in the schoolyard’
    • ‘Knowing the gulpin Vera's saddled with, I wouldn't blame her for giving him the worst word in her stomach.’
    • ‘If I could lay my hands on the gulpin who is poisoning the minds of the pupils of this school, I'd flay him to within an inch of his life.’
    • ‘I'm going home to a houseful of gulpins who claim they don't know where the kettle is.’
    • ‘They try their level best not to put gulpins in charge of their children.’
    • ‘Attend underage matches and you'll hear gulpins yelling abuse at referees, while the children listen and learn.’


Mid 19th century possibly an alteration of galopin ‘errand boy, page’, via French galopin from galoper ‘to gallop’.