Meaning of good-humouredly in English:


Pronunciation /?ɡ?d?hju?m?dli/


See good-humoured

‘Like one moment she'll be really mad at you and the next, she'll be laughing good-humoredly.’
  • ‘‘Well, it's a start,’ I said good-humoredly, staring out my window, where as far as I could see it was raining continuously.’
  • ‘He thought for awhile, still smiling good-humoredly.’
  • ‘Jason chided the dog good-humoredly as he shifted his daughter to hold in his right arm, while his left hand went to pat the whimpering Black Labrador.’
  • ‘She teased him good-humoredly, and it was obvious from what she'd said that she considered him to be just another older brother.’