Meaning of geddit in English:


Pronunciation /?ɡ?d?t/

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informal British
  • Do you understand? (used to draw attention to a pun or play on words)

    • ‘their backing band, the Phat Cats (geddit?), were all talented musicians’
    • ‘The '118 247' (pronounced 'one-one-eight, twenty-four, seven'—geddit?) service costs from 40p a throw’
    • ‘We teased her a bit during the quiz but she didn't cotton (geddit!) on until the end.’
    • ‘There's a sting in the tale for you today - geddit?’
    • ‘Well, at least the Royals are easy meat in the prediction stakes (stakes, geddit?)’
    • ‘Even the new surname the former Incredibles have adopted is Parr("par", geddit?)’
    • ‘You know he kind of thing - "Can you go to the stores for a long weight (wait, long wait geddit?)’
    • ‘Dave's car, a dark blue Merc with the personalised number plate B16 LAF (geddit?) is parked on the pavement outside.’
    • ‘Pony is Cockney rhyming slang, you see, as in pony and trap, geddit?’
    • ‘For a few years now, I've had a Kentia palm called Ken - Ken the Kentia, geddit?’
    • ‘For a putative calling card from one of the most powerful crews around, this thing is stuffed bow-to-stern (geddit?) with U.S. rap instrumentals.’
    • ‘I know Apple are a secretive bunch (Apple, bunch - geddit?)’
    • ‘Despite me offering to walk that leg (geddit?) myself, the driver was insistent.’
    • ‘Newsnight's Michael Crick tries to wind him up by asking if he is a man without a fuchsia - geddit?’


1970s representing an informal pronunciation of get it (see get (sense 7 of the verb).