Meaning of gallipot in English:


Pronunciation /?ɡal?p?t/


  • A small pot made from glazed earthenware or metal, used by pharmacists to hold medicines or ointments.

    ‘When the Japanese factory closed some years later, the shipment of 2161 assorted gallipots was still in the warehouse.’
    • ‘Thus far, there have been no ill side-effects, therefore I shall commence blending a half-dozen gallipots of the peppermint cream for the Featherton ladies.’
    • ‘Many curios like bronze mirrors, folding screen, four treasures of study, gallipots, porcelain and folding fans are sold here, most of which were commodities of the common people in olden times.’
    • ‘The four Delftware gallipots, a big wide one and three smaller high ones, may have belonged to the inventory of the sick-bay.’
    • ‘The gallipots or glasses were sealed with leather tops or bladders.’
    cooking utensil, container, receptacle, vessel


Late Middle English probably from galley+ pot (because gallipots were brought from the Mediterranean in galleys).