Meaning of gabbro in English:


Pronunciation /?ɡabr??/


mass nounGeology
  • A dark, coarse-grained plutonic rock of crystalline texture, consisting mainly of pyroxene, plagioclase feldspar, and often olivine.

    ‘a house of gabbro’
    • ‘olivine gabbros’
    • ‘Permian and Triassic plutonic complexes comprise monzonite, granite, granodiorite or tonalite with minor gabbro and diorite.’
    • ‘The highest core recovery occurs in the massive olivine gabbro, which contain lower densities of fractures and are generally undeformed.’
    • ‘Contacts between plutons of gabbro or hybrid rock and granite are commonly marked by net-vein complexes.’
    • ‘Jansen also describes gabbro, diabase, ultrabasic rocks and Permian limestones in a comparable section on Naxos.’
    • ‘The deepest layer is gabbro, coarse-grained but chemically equivalent to basalt, which forms when magma cools and crystallizes slowly.’


Late 18th century from Italian, from Latin glaber, glabr- ‘smooth’.