Meaning of fruitfulness in English:



See fruitful

‘Firstly, we will have to face the fact that there are no quick fixes or short cuts to fruitfulness and productive ministry.’
  • ‘I can also see productivity and fruitfulness as a result of my labours.’
  • ‘We cook festival foods at harvest time and feed it to the waters and oceans for blessing and fruitfulness, then take more of that same produce and place it on the altars of our churches.’
  • ‘As long as they receive proper veneration and offerings, these deities guarantee fruitfulness and protection against the powers of evil and natural calamities.’
  • ‘What is sinful is the exaltation of pleasure above the proper ends of marriage, which are union, fruitfulness, and the healing, exaltation, and perfection of the spouses.’



/?fru?tf?ln?s/ /?fru?tf(?)ln?s/