Meaning of fascinator in English:


Pronunciation /?fas?ne?t?/


  • 1A woman's light, decorative headpiece consisting of feathers, flowers, beads, etc. attached to a comb or hair clip.

    ‘The stewards were not even opening the gates, but before 10.30 am the coach parks were full of fascinators, full morning suits and bus spotters.’
    • ‘I made a bunch of feathered fascinators the other day.’
    • ‘A huge amount of work has gone on behind the scenes, to which we ought to doff our hat, whether it be a topper, a fascinator or a baseball cap.’
    • ‘When they were out, she wore low hats with fascinators covering her eyes, which managed to make her look quite glamorous; though she insisted they were only for disguise purposes.’
    • ‘Women must wear a hat or "substantial fascinator".’
    • ‘I've been giving them lessons on how to wear a fascinator for weeks.’
    • ‘The Duchess matched the multicolour silk dress with a slate grey, embroidered cropped jacket and matching fascinator.’
    • ‘She in her black Burberry trench coat, and me in my black with white polka-dot strapless with matching fascinator.’
    • ‘The comedian teamed his off-the-shoulder gown with high heels and a black fascinator, as he hailed a cab in London's Bond Street.’
    • ‘Many others had opted for the cheaper and easier to wear option: the fascinator, either on a hairband or clipped into the hair.’
    • ‘The Queen, who wore a long coat and matching feather fascinator, and The Duke of Edinburgh were the last to enter the chapel.’
    • ‘Whether you're attending your best friend's wedding or you're off to Ladies Day at Royal Ascot, a hat or fascinator brings the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.’
    • ‘I finally decided that I am not buying a traditional hat but will cop out and wear a fascinator.’
    • ‘Forget sighting a humble swallow—these days, the first sign of a British summer must surely be the inaugural glimpse of a bright, feathered fascinator perched precariously atop the mother of the bride.’
    • ‘She wore a bright pink dress with matching fascinator, black high heels and a jacket embellished with silver, pink and yellow beads.’
    • ‘The Duchess was wearing a navy blue suit, a fascinator and a turquoise bag and shoes.’
    • ‘A fascinator, for those of you who have been living in a cardboard box under the stairs for the past six months, is a dinky little head piece that is set to knock the traditional big race day hats into a cocked hat this year.’
    • ‘"Did you know that I'm wearing a substantial fascinator," she slurs.’
    • ‘I must state at this stage that I was concerned that the fascinator—a funny little hat that looked like an elaborate TV aerial—would change the channel of my on-board telly in the limo.’
    • ‘I was excited to think that I could get all dressed up and wear my new fascinator and see her and partake in the social activities, the champagne drinking, etc.’
  • 2A fascinating person.

    ‘She was under the impression that she was a fascinator.’
    • ‘Her currency and collateral is all invested in that optimum opportunistic split-second of youth, and she has none of the sexpertise that sees many fascinators well into old age.’
    • ‘It is a performance that convinces you it is wrong to play the part as though the men's perceptions of her as a destructive fascinator were self-evidently correct.’