Meaning of escargot in English:


Pronunciation /??skɑ?ɡ??/

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  • The edible snail, especially as an item on a menu.

    ‘No, I did not include escargots on the menu.’
    • ‘Next we had a plate of escargots and clams in garlic butter.’
    • ‘This was followed by a salad of new potatoes, julienned carrots, fresh chives, pine nuts and escargots braised in hazelnut oil.’
    • ‘Baked garlic escargots, served by the half-dozen, are seasoned with eight kinds of herbs for an authentic Norman flavor.’
    • ‘Well, whatever you do, don't eat escargots or lobster there.’
    • ‘The first section contains just about every seafood and meat product available, from glistening escargots to cubes of lamb.’
    • ‘The escargots were tender, bathed in butter infused with garlic and, I suspect, shallots.’
    • ‘If you are the more daring kind, order escargots, glazed snails in a wonderful bed of seasoning with herbs.’
    • ‘The escargots were abundant, but only passable, the onion soup good, but not spectacular.’
    • ‘My companion and I started with escargots and the chef's paté.’
    • ‘And so we had escargots followed by rich crêpes filled with chicken and asparagus and baked in béchamel sauce.’
    • ‘He wouldn't try escargots, wouldn't drink the water, and he wouldn't even climb to the top of the Eiffel tower.’
    • ‘They were exceptional and anything but your typical escargots.’


French, from Old French escargol, from Proven?al escaragol.