Meaning of double down in English:

double down

phrasal verb

mainly US
  • 1Strengthen one's commitment to a particular strategy or course of action, typically one that is potentially risky.

    ‘he decided to double down and escalate the war’
    • ‘the third quarter of the year saw central banks doubling down on the quantitative easing approach’
    • ‘We are doubling down on diplomacy in the surrounding region.’
    • ‘He wants to double down on health care policies that will only work for the healthy and the wealthy.’
    • ‘Research shows that people with strong feelings of self-efficacy not only don't quit when problems arise, they double down and try harder.’
    • ‘But now is the time to double down and actually make those investments so that when the recovery starts we're in a strong position and can take a share and be more successful than we were in the past.’
    • ‘We're using this time right now to double down and try to fix some of our problems.’
    • ‘We appear to be doubling down on a policy that has failed.’
    • ‘I'm betting that the bankers will, for the most part double down.’
    • ‘At the same time, many employers who've had to kick in more money to keep pensions solvent doubled down on efforts to rid themselves of old plans.’
    • ‘We have to reverse those policies, not double down on them.’
    • ‘The company doubled down on its promotional activity by offering a $100 gift card with the purchase of any smartphone between August 14 and August 26th.’
    • ‘If we continue to strengthen our focus, build on the alliances forged in the last year, and double down on key commitments shared in this room today, then we can ensure that this fight for dignity is never in question again.’
  • 2(in blackjack) double a bet after seeing one's initial cards, with the requirement that one additional card be drawn.

    ‘the amount only increases when you choose to split or double down’
    • ‘he doubled down on a pair and lost’
    • ‘Virtually every situation you can come up with in blackjack is covered - whether to hit, stand, split, or double down.’
    • ‘You can only double down on the first two cards.’
    • ‘Players have been known to double down on a natural 21, or split tens hoping to get more money on the table.’
    • ‘Play out the hand by hitting, standing, splitting and doubling down.’
    • ‘To make sure, I asked the dealer if I could double down and she said, "You certainly can."’
    • ‘He paused and thought about doubling down, but seemed afraid to put out the extra money on such an insecure gamble.’
    • ‘In blackjack, there are certain two card hands with which you must hit, double down, stand or split correctly to have a decent chance of winning.’
    • ‘The little old lady that I saw playing was patient enough to bet a single per roll and would never double down.’
    • ‘There is a basic blackjack strategy card available at many casinos to help plan your play, such as when to split your cards or when to double down.’
    • ‘When I double down, it's because based on the overall odds taking exactly one more blind card is likely to make me a winning hand.’
    • ‘On the next hand I was dealt a ten against the dealer's eight, and when I doubled down and hit a nine against the dealer's 17, I had made back $100 in about five minutes.’
    • ‘Whenever you double down, you're making a tradeoff with the house.’