Meaning of disrelish in English:


Pronunciation /d?s?r?l??/

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mass noun archaic
  • A feeling of dislike or distaste.

    ‘disrelish for any pursuit is ample reason for abandoning it’
    • ‘Marshal Foss expresses his disrelish with the North American educational system.’
    • ‘A number of those who find admission within these walls, in some degree varying at different times, have an original disrelish to study, and a ruling propensity to the active business of life.’
    hostility, friction, enmity, antipathy, animus, opposition, dissension, rivalry, feud, conflict, discord, contention


[with object] archaic
  • Regard with dislike or distaste.

    ‘I am not surprised that some members of the House should disrelish your report’
    • ‘We disrelish going into lousy-deal Kim's Music and Video (St. Marks), but we had already traipsed half the East Village looking for a band we'd just heard of called My Morning Jacket.’
    • ‘I especially disrelish the idea of hand-editing scores of PHP pages.’
    detest, hate, loathe, abhor, abominate, execrate, regard with contempt, feel contempt for, shrink from, be repelled by, not be able to bear, not be able to stand, not be able to stomach, find intolerable, deplore, dislike