Meaning of descending in English:


Pronunciation /d??s?nd??/

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  • 1Moving or sloping downwards.

    ‘a rocky descending path’
    • ‘His maneuvers included turns, approaches and departures , climbing and descending flight, and simulated engine failures.’
    • ‘Trying to block it is about as smart as sticking one's hand between the head of a nail and a rapidly descending hammer.’
    • ‘You want to hit the ball with a slightly descending blow.’
    • ‘A descending corridor leads to a steel shaft, followed by a decompression room.’
    • ‘Although the market's descending escalator is still working, the ascending one broke on Christmas Eve and has been out of action since then.’
    • ‘The descending glider looked like it was doing a combination of a spiral and spin. ’
    • ‘The engineer said that the track was on a descending grade as it approached the end of the tunnel.’
    • ‘The advantages of a window seat now become apparent: not only are you less likely to be stunned by descending luggage, you can also sit calmly and take your time.’
    • ‘On a descending pass, the space station will travel from the northwest toward the southeast.’
    • ‘The snow relented and we were back to a rocky descending path.’
    1. 1.1Moving down a scale of quality.
      ‘the categories are listed in descending order of usefulness’
      • ‘ I was just trying to express what it seems to me is a descending hierarchy.’
      • ‘Low back pain, neck pain, and left knee pain were the other problems he described in descending importance.’
      • ‘The ancient Chinese divided religious sculptures into four descending categories: paper, terracotta, wood, and porcelain.’
      • ‘Policy is not dictated from above and there is no descending chain of responsibility and authority.’
      • ‘In each category, the attractions appear in descending order.’
      • ‘The table is sorted in descending order by the number of Spanish and Portuguese speakers in a country.’
      • ‘These arguments are usually presented in descending order of effectiveness.’
      • ‘The criteria are arranged somewhat in a descending order of importance.’
      • ‘As usual in conference, the chief justice began the discussion , to be followed by his colleagues in descending order of seniority.’
      • ‘There is clearly a descending scale of culpability in non-deliberate deception from that amounting to professional misconduct to that which does not.’
    2. 1.2(of sound) becoming lower in pitch.
      ‘a passage of descending chords’
      • ‘A quiet, desolate guitar figure arrives slowly over twittering electronics, giving way to long, descending bass tones. ’
      • ‘Only the swathes of descending guitar strumming keeps it remotely interesting.’
      • ‘He whistled a mournful, descending arpeggio.’
      • ‘Minimal elements—high-pitched string flickers and a simple descending bass motif—define this song's essence.’
      • ‘The sophisticated sax takes us out, with a nice descending figure at the end.’
      • ‘He creates a manic beat and descending harmony with his keyboard.’
      • ‘The song devolves gradually, with a descending keyboard figure.’
      • ‘His theme is an aggressive descending melody mainly carried by brass—a quite excellent villain theme’
      • ‘The fourth movement contained dramatic silences and a descending motif making its way around the orchestra.’
      • ‘The three soft notes floated into the room and it completed its descending scale.’