Meaning of crematorium in English:


Pronunciation /?kr?m??t??r??m/

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nounplural noun crematoria, plural noun crematoriums

  • A place where a dead person's body is cremated.

    ‘The crematorium where Vohra's body was put to fire is not even known.’
    • ‘We then had to deal with the crematorium, watch his body disappear behind crude curtains.’
    • ‘Four police officers stood near the entrance to the crematorium throughout the short service.’
    • ‘‘Ask the guy who operates the crematorium what it takes to get rid of a dead body,’ he said.’
    • ‘Without missing a beat, he replies that he has been thinking about opening a funeral transportation service, maybe a crematorium.’
    • ‘The corpses of the prisoners are transported directly to the crematorium.’
    • ‘Identified bodies are usually released to funeral homes or crematoriums within 48 hours of their arrival at the morgue.’
    • ‘Family and friends bade their final farewell at a service at the crematorium as fans gathered outside in the driving rain.’
    • ‘A spokesman from the crematorium yesterday said a service had been held.’
    • ‘We were told that the facilities for the closest crematorium were not operational.’
    • ‘They hide it for the men to find amongst the corpses that are transported to the crematorium.’
    • ‘They cannot place ads near hospitals, cemeteries or crematoria or on bus shelters near these places.’
    • ‘Escalation in firewood prices and air pollution led to the establishment of electric crematoria.’
    • ‘In addition, families living in the south of the country have to pay hundreds of euros to take the bodies of their relatives to Dublin crematoria.’
    • ‘Bodies are taken from hospitals to the ovens of the crematorium and the ashes are dispersed.’
    • ‘Police mounted a large security operation outside the crematorium, but the public heeded earlier police advice and stayed away.’
    • ‘Following the service, the parents will collect the ashes from the crematorium and return to China.’
    • ‘The cathedral service was followed by a private service for family only at a local crematorium.’
    • ‘Increase prices at cemeteries and crematoriums by five per cent.’
    • ‘Pet cemeteries and crematoriums have never been more popular and business is booming.’


Late 19th century modern Latin, from cremare ‘burn’.