Meaning of coyly in English:


Pronunciation /?k??li/

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  • 1In an outwardly shy or modest way that is intended to be alluring.

    ‘she smiles coyly for the camera’
    • ‘She glanced coyly at him from under long lashes.’
    • ‘Smiling coyly, she slowly brought out from her backpack a small bottle of wine.’
    • ‘Lisa coyly looked back at him over her shoulder with a small smile.’
    • ‘He grinned coyly and we continued on our stroll, slurping our ice cream and looking like content children.’
    • ‘She was coyly twirling one of her dark gold plaits in one hand.’
    • ‘She coyly asks if she can wear it.’
    • ‘I smiled coyly and climbed out of the pool.’
    • ‘Victoria smiled seductively at him and bit her bottom lip coyly.’
    • ‘Molly grinned at him, coyly running her tongue across her lips.’
    • ‘She coyly sat on a gentleman's knee to the amusement of the audience.’
  • 2In a way that shows reluctance to give details about something regarded as sensitive.

    ‘he coyly withheld his candidacy’
    • ‘Most dances were left coyly undated in the program handout.’
    • ‘The writer coyly defers answers about his mystery woman.’
    • ‘Her company's sales have continued to grow at a double-digit rate, she says coyly.’
    • ‘Though coyly written in the third person, these quips show him basking in his achievements.’
    • ‘He is widely rumored to be the driving force behind the proposed lawsuit and he coyly admits to fielding inquiries.’
    • ‘Our guide coyly overlooks their age discrepancy, as carved on the headstone.’
    • ‘Despite her impressive results,she remains somewhat of a mystery, even coyly avoiding answers that might reveal her form.’
    • ‘He declined to give the exact figures, coyly revealing: "There was very little in it".’
    • ‘Asked whether she'd accept the vice president slot, she coyly dodged a direct answer.’
    • ‘He dismissed the notion but only after coyly reminding us that he himself ranked 94 in that same poll.’