Meaning of clatty in English:


Pronunciation /?klati/

adjectiveadjective clattier, adjective clattiest

informal Scottish, Irish
  • Dirty, untidy, or unpleasant.

    • ‘the table was downright clatty’
    • ‘I'm waiting to be told off for getting clatty.’
    • ‘"They are all clatty in their persons, though," was Dolly's verdict, arrived at after a lifetime's experience.’
    • ‘Try one of these plays and I promise you'll be wanting to get your ‘clatty mitts’ on the other two.’
    • ‘He tugged now from his pants pocket a hankie, so clatty it would've been the talk of the house.’
    • ‘It was always the sorest toil and the clattiest jobs they would set the wee one to do.’


Mid 17th century from dialect clat ‘a clod of dirt’ + -y; related to clot and clod.