Meaning of cat melodeon in English:

cat melodeon

Pronunciation /?kat m??l??d??n/


informal Northern Irish
  • Extremely bad or unpleasant; awful.

    • ‘putting them on directly before us was absolutely cat melodeon altogether’
    • ‘I thought that Pierce was kind of handsome for his age, in an old hippy sort of way, but my friend said that he was pure cat.’
    • ‘I think it's cat, round here.’
    • ‘It's cat melodeon and hard to watch.’
    • ‘The big red logo is cat melodeon.’
    • ‘Today is my birthday, and the highlight so far has been going to the shops to buy dinner in this cat melodeon, rotten rain.’


1980s possibly from Irish cat marbh ‘mischief, calamity’, or an abbreviation of catastrophe + melodeon; or perhaps from a comparison between the sound of a melodeon and that of a cat wailing.