Meaning of carn in English:


Pronunciation /kɑ?n/


(also c'arn)
informal Australian, New Zealand
  • (at sporting events) a cry intended to urge on a team or player; come on!

    • ‘carn you mighty Lions!’
    • ‘Given the Queenslanders are our closest neighbours - Carn the Lions!’
    • ‘Carn Porto!’
    • ‘Almost forty years later, Congupna players and supporters continue to yell out, "Carn the Road", or "Carn the Roaders", which has a nice ring to it.’
    • ‘Carn the mighty (Pordadelaide) Magpies!’
    • ‘Carn the Cats!’
    • ‘And for the rest of the finals, carn the Saints.’
    • ‘Footy is back, carn the mighty magpies!’
    • ‘Carn the Wallabies!’


1960s contraction of the phrase come on!.