Meaning of callipygian in English:


(also callipygean)

Pronunciation /?kal??p?d???n/


  • Having well-shaped buttocks.

    ‘The last thing I saw before I rolled the bike was the machine-gunner at Hyde Park Corner - a callipygian figure dominating the war memorial on the traffic island.’
    • ‘As a gentleman and scholar, he must rush to the defense of the brilliant, principled, and callipygian Jill.’
    • ‘The pictures appeared as the result of her discovery by a sharp-eyed prison surgeon in Brixton Jail, where the callipygian captain was temporarily detained a fortnight ago on a charge of bankruptcy.’
    • ‘She likes a designer who understands the beauty of the callipygian woman and isn't afraid to accentuate my most important asset.’
    • ‘I'm in search of a callipygian woman.’


Late 18th century from Greek kallipūgos (used to describe a famous statue of Venus), from kallos ‘beauty’ + pūgē ‘buttocks’, + -ian.