Meaning of calibred in English:



See calibre

in combination ‘a large-calibred gun’
  • ‘Whereupon the man drew a heavy calibered revolver and shot him in the abdomen, the bullet coming out through his side.’
  • ‘In fact, the only large calibered piece not thus mounted is the Schneider mortar, a very efficient weapon, having a remarkably smooth recoil, which has a range of over six miles.’
  • ‘This is a paper target handgun and small calibered rifle range.’
  • ‘Well, they brought in a few too many suits and got rid of several of the good, hardworking factory workers of Chattanooga, Tennesee, who know that you don't mess with the finely calibered sweetness-to-nausea ratio of seasonal classics like Brach's pumpkins, candy corn, and jelly beans.’