Meaning of busted flush in English:

busted flush


  • 1(in poker) a hand containing four cards of the same suit and one of a different suit.

    • ‘He said that any fool could bet on a busted flush in poker, or swear that black is white, but that isn't a classic lie.’
  • 2 informal A promising person or thing that turns out to be unsuccessful.

    • ‘her leadership is already a busted flush’
    • ‘In short, Joe Klein was a busted flush.’
    • ‘The fire strike showed what a busted flush they are.’
    • ‘The gamble turned out to be a busted flush, he could not even catch his quota let alone anything extra.’
    • ‘Some believe, however, that all three are a busted flush.’
    • ‘Two years on, he, and the swashbuckling model of capitalism he represents look like a busted flush.’
    • ‘Today, however, it is clear that Mr Blair is a busted flush.’
    • ‘I spend much of my time in Brussels, and the British presidency is now widely regarded as a busted flush.’
    • ‘More liberal unionists and others who have might bailed him out in the past see him as a busted flush.’
    • ‘Coming after the rejection of the European Union constitution last May, today's retreat signals to all the world what a busted flush the president is.’
    • ‘If this new group isn't against ID cards it may well be a busted flush from the outset.’
    • ‘What other hope is there for such a busted flush?’
    • ‘Until they take place, the current regime in Kabul is a busted flush.’
    • ‘Is it a great diversifier that can provide excellent returns over the longer term or a busted flush?’
    • ‘If he starts making noises about rates soon, the Government's strongest card - economic management - will look like a busted flush.’
    • ‘He's a busted flush.’
    • ‘Brown is a busted flush.’
    • ‘If this were a full-priced game, you might call it a busted flush.’
    • ‘Since that day they have been in the shadows, there have been problems with finance and at the beginning of this World Cup they were, it seemed, a busted flush.’
    • ‘Or maybe he's just too polite to say what he really thinks: That Owen's a busted flush.’
    • ‘There are those who believe the Olympics are a busted flush.’