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Pronunciation /?b?lki/

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adjectiveadjective bulkier, adjective bulkiest

  • 1Taking up much space; large and unwieldy.

    ‘a bulky carrier bag’
    • ‘They were a great innovation, but also bulky, heavy, expensive and in some cases, overly complicated.’
    • ‘It was bulky, unwieldy and would not go far, given the cost of satellite transponders.’
    • ‘The unit itself is a little bit bulky but it contains space for two AA batteries and two MMC slots.’
    • ‘With its 30-meter wingspan, it was considered too bulky, even for the Norwegian Museum in Oslo.’
    • ‘‘We found quite a few bulky items, including pieces of chipboard, it was fascinating really,’ she said.’
    • ‘The new Sportage is roomier than most, providing more essential head and leg room, especially for those having to sit in the back, and there is also more room for luggage or any other bulky cargo.’
    • ‘Radio and telephones could communicate between cities, ships and higher headquarters, but they were too bulky to be man-carried.’
    • ‘It's good, honestly - it's just physically unwieldy, bulky and so extremely long that it's difficult to feel as if you're making any progress with it.’
    • ‘The expensive, bulky book will not be revised for years.’
    • ‘Existing technologies for sensing explosives are bulky and expensive.’
    • ‘But the technology was too bulky, too expensive, and very poorly marketed.’
    • ‘This means that the plasma TV is only a few inches thick as opposed to the tube televisions that were large, bulky pieces of furniture.’
    • ‘Current devices for reading e-books are either too bulky or too expensive or too harsh on the eyeballs.’
    • ‘There were other doors, bulky and overstuffed-looking pieces of furniture, woven rugs on the floor and paintings on the walls.’
    • ‘The apparatus is expensive and bulky, and cannot be used over large surface areas of the body.’
    • ‘This was best carried out as near as possible to where the crops grew, as untreated grain was bulky and expensive to transport.’
    • ‘On the internet today, just as in Grey's time, too many images make a reference unreasonably bulky and expensive to produce.’
    • ‘Wireless handhelds are bulky, expensive and feature-poor compared with their non-wireless counterparts, the research firm argues.’
    • ‘In the past, dimming fluorescent ballasts were expensive and bulky, and required complex dimming circuits.’
    • ‘You can say a PDA is bulky compared to a piece of paper, but how about 500 pieces of paper?’
    large, big, great, huge, of considerable size, sizeable, substantial, voluminous, girthy, immense, enormous, colossal, massive, mammoth, vast, goodly, prodigious, tremendous, gigantic, giant, monumental, stupendous, gargantuan, elephantine, titanic, mountainous, monstrous
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    1. 1.1(of a person) heavily built.
      ‘a bulky, overcoat-clad figure’
      • ‘He was bulky and muscular, light brown hair, almost blonde, came down to his shoulders.’
      • ‘Narrow aisles and small seats into which bulky people must squeeze can make planes uncomfortable and annoy other passengers.’
      • ‘Andhra wicketkeeper, Prasanna Kumar, belied his bulky figure to bring off fine diving saves.’
      • ‘It is as if that bulky figure, pushing Trinidad and Tobago towards freedom, had never been there at all.’
      • ‘He stood tall with a wide chest, square shoulders, a bulky figure, long blond hair, but he himself had the blackest and biggest wings of them all.’
      • ‘Every time I see a bulky figure in the street, I'm sure John has arrived in town, to help me shed an illusion.’
      • ‘When the inn was in sight, her view was suddenly blocked by a bulky figure.’
      • ‘A bulky guy with a bushy moustache, his love of a challenge saw him qualify as an amateur pilot, scuba diver and part-time lifeguard.’
      • ‘Walking ahead of me was a tall, bulky man - the sort who shaves his head in a self-delusional attempt to hide his baldness.’
      • ‘He works out, has done martial arts for years, and is a decently bulky guy.’
      • ‘The bulky Canadian was never going to break any speed records but his option-taking was textbook stuff.’
      • ‘Nowadays he resembles a bulky Roy of the Rovers, but what he lacks in pace he more than makes up for in persistence and effort.’
      • ‘Both are big, bulky players, but they have quick feet.’
      • ‘Last year he was a bulky guy who managed to get by on good looks and skill on the field, but during the summer he'd spent every spare minute in his home gym trying to perfect his look.’
      • ‘He was a bulky man, military, in his mid to late thirties.’
      • ‘Coach Butch Davis loves the bulky guys, but taking Notre Dame center Jeff Faine at No.21 was a surprise.’
      • ‘As I was waiting for my first call, Herb, a bulky man in his early thirties, pulled me aside for a little chat.’
      • ‘The sight of the bulky shopkeeper counting wads of currency notes greeted me.’
      • ‘Soon, beer-bellied men will be squeezing their bulky frames into pieces of elastic and pulling on trousers two, or maybe even three sizes too small.’
      • ‘Then you probably already know there's no need to worry about becoming too bulky by bringing weights into your ab routine.’
      heavily built, stocky, thickset, sturdy, sturdily built, well built, burly, strapping, brawny, muscular, solid, heavy, hefty, girthy, meaty
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