Meaning of borgata in English:


nounborgatas, borgate

  • An organized branch of the Mafia.

    ‘If only you knew the real us, the borgata family, I thought to myself.’
    • ‘But gathered there was the vast majority of bosses of the borgatas.’
    • ‘His first full-length novel dealing with the world of the borgate, published in 1955, saw him officially charged with offences to public decency.’
    • ‘This time all the bosses from all the borgatas gathered and made one final conclusion.’
    • ‘Players within borgatas fight along side each other to launch attacks on other players or borgatas.’
    • ‘These borgatas, or crime families, have destroyed other families by wiping them out.’
    • ‘The vanguard of this criminal juggernaut is still led by the Mafia?s most potent and largest borgatas: New York?s Five Families.’
    • ‘It comprised 24 borgate, headed by a capo.’
    • ‘The Borgata has an established hierarchy, a body of members or soldiers, and many associates.’
    • ‘In a borgata, some members can make up for the weaknesses of others.’


1960s Italian, ‘district, village’.