Meaning of birdo in English:


Pronunciation /?b??d??/

nounplural noun birdos

informal Australian
  • A birdwatcher.

    • ‘there has been one confirmed sighting by a respected birdo’
    • ‘She was born in 1918, worked in army intelligence, and is a birdo.’
    • ‘A professor at the University of California in Los Angeles, he is a physiologist, a birdo, and now a geographer.’
    • ‘This Melbourne writer is a true birdo.’
    • ‘It's fascinating stuff, especially of you're an ornithologist or a birdo, as we say in Australia.’
    • ‘What do you call a birdo?’
    • ‘I remember one birdo who seriously lamented the fact that his 600th bird had been a barn swallow, a bird he regarded as an interloper, a European vagrant to Australia.’
    • ‘Steve has been a birdo since he was a child, and he tells us how it happened.’
    • ‘The practice has only become an issue in recent years because today there are more birdos with more tape recorders.’
    • ‘The crowd of hopeful birdos attests to the number of twitchers in Melbourne.’
    • ‘I don't think there are really any more birds, just more birdos identifying rare species.’


1950s abbreviation of birdwatcher + -o.