Meaning of biodiesel in English:


Pronunciation /?b????di?zl/

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mass noun
  • A biofuel intended as a substitute for diesel.

    ‘Another interesting aspect to this issue is the desire by many in Australia to address this themselves by producing an alternative form of diesel fuel known as bio-diesel.’
    • ‘Complete replacement of petroleum and diesel with bio-diesel reduces carbon dioxide and sulphur emissions by 78 and 100 per cent respectively.’
    • ‘All the government has to do is write a law saying that all diesel has to contain bio-diesel, and that in five years all cars have to be hybrids.’
    • ‘This goes into producing bio-diesel which is available from some petrol stations in the region in a five per cent bio-diesel / 95 per cent fossil diesel mix.’
    • ‘The engines were able to run with bio-diesel the same as petroleum diesel.’
    • ‘Railway Minister Nitish Kumar said that the Indian Railways is planning to use a blend of five percent bio-diesel in the diesel derived from crude oil and gradually increase the share of bio-fuel to 20 percent as its supply increases.’
    • ‘Algae farms would let us supply enough bio-diesel to completely replace petroleum as a transportation fuel.’
    • ‘Drivers there don't actually pour sunflower seeds into gas tanks, but they do use a mixture of vegetable oil and petroleum diesel, called bio-diesel, to power the entire diesel fleet at the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center.’
    • ‘A Japanese scientist has unveiled the latest technology to produce ethanol and bio-diesel to help replace the use of fossil fuels in the near future.’
    • ‘But whenever I try to get help to produce bio-diesel profitably, I'm knocked back by bureaucracy.’
    • ‘Will Lismore City Council's diesel vehicles be running on locally manufactured bio-diesel, creating local jobs, as an alternative to being dependent on the fuel prices charged by oil multinationals?’
    • ‘The plant, which could have been up and running within 12 months, would have produced 44,000 tonnes of bio-diesel a year and would have cost up to €20 million to develop.’
    • ‘Buses now can run on environmentally-friendly fuels - LPG, bio-diesel or battery stored electricity with current technology - with the option of hydrogen in the near future.’
    • ‘A reduction in the duty rate by 20 pc on bio-diesel, which is produced by farmers' oilseed rape, while a breakthrough is not as much as the NFU had hoped.’
    • ‘He hopes to use waste from local chip shops, which they have to pay to dispose of, to make bio-diesel, a fuel already widely used in Germany.’
    • ‘The Energy Ministry will also be launching a campaign to promote the wider public use of alternative energy sources such as gasohol and bio-diesel.’
    • ‘I stress that this bio-diesel can be put in any diesel vehicle, without any adjustment of any kind to the motor.’
    • ‘Greg is interested in turning waste cooking oil into bio-diesel that can be used in diesel vehicles here in Alice Springs.’
    • ‘Southwark Council is the first authority in London to run its fleet of diesel vans on 20 per cent bio-diesel.’
    • ‘The unit is to be established following the successful technology demonstration on the production of bio-diesel from non-edible vegetable oils through a pilot plant established at a cost of Rs.2 lakhs at Vembakottai.’