Meaning of biennale in English:



  • A large art exhibition or music festival, especially one held biennially.

    ‘France, like other countries, faces an accelerating globalization of the contemporary art market thanks to a proliferation of art fairs, festivals and biennales that take place around the globe.’
    • ‘The loan exhibition at the Asian biennale is a private collection of fibulas mainly from the fifth century B. C., showing how Chinese craftsmen used gold and silver as well as assimilated the introduction of cast iron.’
    • ‘The inclusion of a cartoon/caricature exhibition in a biennale of fine arts might come as a surprise - perhaps an oddly hilarious one - to many art buffs and critics.’
    • ‘Festivals of contemporary art (whether biennales, fairs, or ‘projects') have their uses.’
    • ‘The artist exhibited in International biennales in Asia, America and Europe.’
    • ‘This past fall, an exhibition independent of the biennale made the connective leap between historic Venice and contemporary architecture.’
    • ‘That's what I generally like to do, and I probably spend more time going to documenta and biennales than I do going to book fairs.’
    • ‘We are not a biennale, we are not an art fair, but we can give an opportunity to artists to make work on a stronger platform; for galleries to talk to artists they might not otherwise be able to.’
    • ‘There will be a commercial art fair in Melbourne later this year, and a biennale in Sydney mid-year.’
    • ‘Notwithstanding, it takes a good deal of thought to achieve such a transformation, and it is an ability purportedly in demand but sadly lacking in supply within the framework of most biennales.’
    • ‘I believe that it can, but only to the same extent that the Council's small sums of cleverly spent money help British artists become known outside the UK - at biennales, for example.’
    • ‘There were many criticisms of and towards the project but I believe as a tool for exposure both biennales did a world of good for South African art.’
    • ‘Shanghai was the first Chinese city to host the biennale in 1996.’
    • ‘This biennale, which is only eight years old, hopes to give importance to every kind of art currently being practised.’
    • ‘There hasn't been a biennale or a competition where the new wave of French posters hasn't been appreciated.’
    • ‘Several other biennales have been instituted on the Venice model, some of them general and others devoted to a specific category of art, such as naive painting or printmaking.’
    • ‘He was invited to the International print biennales in Paris, Tokyo and Lugano.’
    • ‘We were able to put together an insightful dialogue pertaining to the politics of the biennale vis - vis the concerns of the artists.’
    • ‘Other than that, I know about the controversies surrounding the last biennale.’
    • ‘Conceiving environments filled with effects, many of the biennale architects were designing ephemera.’
    display, public display, show, showing, presentation, demonstration, showcase, mounting, spectacle



/?bi???nɑ?le?/ /?bi???nɑ?li/


1930s (used originally as the name of an international art exhibition held in Venice): from Italian, literally ‘biennial’.