Meaning of bealing in English:


Pronunciation /?bi?l??/


informal Scottish, Irish
  • Extremely angry.

    • ‘she spiralled from miffed to riled to totally bealing’
    • ‘He must be bealing that the team is winding up.’
    • ‘The sign for "angry" can mean anything from irritated to bealing.’
    • ‘He went racing off the park at full-time and was bealing! We ran riot that night.’
    • ‘Fans will be bemused and bealing that it was their own gaffer who shattered their dream of a clean sweep.’
    • ‘We were there on the touchline, albeit bedraggled, bothered, and bealing, on the day he celebrated his first goal.’
    • ‘Irene is absolutely bealing.’


Early 17th century (in the sense ‘an abcess or boil’): from Scottish beal ‘suppurate or gather’ + -ing; related to boil.