Meaning of anti-monarchist in English:



  • An opponent of monarchy.

    as modifier ‘an anti-monarchist stance’
    • ‘If this response is anything to go by, despite the anti-monarchist stance that apparently several MPs have, the monarchy, at least at the time being, seems as secure as it always was.’
    • ‘If there's one thing worse than a monarchist it's an anti-monarchist.’
    • ‘The visage of the British king, who provided so much useful ammunition to anti-monarchists in the early nineteenth century, appears a few times, in fact, in the more obscure allegorical pictures.’
    • ‘While Elliott remains a staunch supporter of King Louis XVI and his queen, Marie Antoinette, the Duke sides with the anti-monarchists.’
    • ‘And honestly, what is it with anti-monarchists and nasty pink backgrounds?’
    • ‘Ah yes, the anti-monarchist musings that led directly to the abdication of King Charles III.’
    • ‘There's just too little to get your teeth into and this lack of substance might explain why so few of us have been galvanised by the anti-monarchist case.’
    • ‘I'm not an anti-monarchist by any means because I think the royal family is mostly harmless.’
    • ‘And the anti-monarchist lobby has been strong enough to put the Queen in the list.’
    • ‘Labour's long-term supporters, ethical socialists, public service workers, egalitarians and anti-monarchists, trade unionists and pacifists, were harder to deal with.’
    • ‘His life is saved by the heroic revolutionary Fairfax and it is Fairfax who can unify and motivate a motley bunch of anti-monarchists into some semblance of an army.’
    • ‘This he did in 1886, despite having been exiled yet again under an anti-monarchist law of that year.’
    • ‘We should not impose on this political culture the modern, anti-monarchist, implications of ‘republic’.’
    • ‘About 10 anti-monarchist activists were arrested during the day, including one person at a police station where protesters scuffled briefly with police.’
    • ‘It is their existence, not to say the costs of keeping them in being, that enrages anti-monarchist writers such as Christopher Hitchen.’
    • ‘That being said, there is nothing new about anti-monarchist sentiment.’
    • ‘Anyone expressing trenchant anti-monarchist views is now suspected of sympathising with Irish republicanism's most fanatical fringe.’
    • ‘I'm afraid we're stuck with the royal family, and the best any anti-monarchist can hope for is a gradual eroding of their powers and the amount of money they get from the civil list.’
    • ‘According to Radio New Zealand reports, the pro- and anti-monarchist groups hurled abuse at each other and had to be kept apart by police.’