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Pronunciation /?adr??si?/

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  • The person to whom something is addressed.

    ‘the contents of the letters were calculated to cause distress to the individual addressee’
    • ‘the need to state clearly the addressees of reports’
    • ‘The post gradually stacks up in messy piles, until it eventually gets removed by one or other of the addressees, many of whom still appear to have a door-key.’
    • ‘All this is of course comes from the perspective of an addressee whom I have held to have been rather too well qualified.’
    • ‘It's curious and beguiling that an artist so known as a raiser of hell should also be so accomplished at writing ballads in which various female addressees get reassured emotionally.’
    • ‘Happily, I then realised that the items I had to post were not in any way urgent: it would matter not one iota if none of them reached the addressees for a week or two.’
    • ‘And I know you're back, because I was one of the thirty-nine addressees on the generic email that you sent round.’
    • ‘The addressee (my English friend) should have received the package but refused to pay the high tax imposed on cigarettes.’
    • ‘The scam letter, which has already been sent to businesses in the area, falsely claims that the addressee must register under the Data Protection Act.’
    • ‘ProMobile claimed that it has received no such letter, while the French company insists it has proof that it has reached the addressee.’
    • ‘The information in this email is intended for the addressee only.’
    • ‘My ballot papers arrived but with the wrongly-named addressee.’
    • ‘Perhaps the addressee already knows the information in the telegram because he has been watching over you.’
    • ‘One, sent to London, was delivered to the addressee the following day.’
    • ‘So if I was not the intended addressee of the chain letter, I could harvest and sell the addresses.’
    • ‘The postman is forced to meet the addressee only when registered posts or money orders are delivered.’
    • ‘They will be delivered to the addressee in gift packs, with personal messages.’
    • ‘Mail was expensive and had to be collected after a conveyance fee was paid at the post office by the addressee.’
    • ‘It may not be disclosed to, or used by, anyone other than the addressee.’
    • ‘Poetry then embraces the failure of communication in terms of masses, but not between individual readers and writers, addressees and addressers.’
    • ‘Of the 536 questionnaires presumably delivered to addressees, 139 completed questionnaires were returned, yielding a 26% return rate.’
    • ‘Although the report normally remains within US Air Force channels, commanders may add other addressees, as appropriate, to avoid duplicate reporting.’