Main meanings of mc in English

: mc1Mc2MC3


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  • A miscarriage (particularly used in online forums)

    • ‘I suffered a mc at 13 weeks last year’


1950s abbreviation.

Main meanings of Mc in English

: mc1Mc2MC3


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  • Megacycle(s), a unit of frequency equal to one million cycles.

Main meanings of MC in English

: mc1Mc2MC3


Pronunciation /?m?si?/

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  • 1

    • ‘the chance to vote for their MC’
  • 2

    chairperson, chairman, chairwoman, president, convener, spokesperson, spokesman, spokeswoman, leader, MC, master of ceremonies, mistress of ceremonies
  • 3A person who provides entertainment at a club or party by instructing the DJ and performing rap music.

verbverb MCs, verb MCing, verb MC'd, verb MCed

[no object]
  • Perform as an MC.

    ‘he's MC'd at all of our parties’
    • ‘Among the many incidents recalled in his long and winding career is a night back in 1962 when he MC'd the first-ever British performance by the erstwhile Robert Zimmerman.’
    • ‘It was MC'd by a DJ from a disco called ‘Carwash’ in Cyprus, but contained plenty of traditional Egyptian entertainment.’
    • ‘I was MC'ing for 20 bucks a night at the east side comedy club on Long Island, and I won, like, five weeks in a row.’


  • 1(in the UK) Military Cross.

    • ‘he was awarded the MC’
  • 2Monaco (international vehicle registration).

  • 3Music cassette.

    • ‘it is now available on Deutsche Grammophon CD and MC’