Meaning of (as) mad as a meat axe in English:

(as) mad as a meat axe


  • 1Australian, New Zealand informal Crazy or eccentric.

    • ‘she was a hopeless teacher and mad as a meat axe’
    • ‘He had of course, he said, been of the opinion that Whitmore was as mad as a meat-axe.’
    • ‘He was "a weirdo. Ranging and raving around the place ... as mad as a meat axe".’
    • ‘'You can be as mad as a meat-axe,' said the psychiatrist, 'but if you can live independently then no one is going to take the slightest notice of you.'’
    • ‘Just as well that she would, in a court of law, appear as mad as a meat axe; her testimony was worthless.’
    • ‘I thought he was mad as a meat-axe, and he frightened the stuffing out of me sometimes, even when he laughed.’
    1. 1.1Extremely angry.
      • ‘I was as mad as a meat axe, and my anger boiled over’
      • ‘If it were Bertha who were ill for the same reason, he would be mad as a meat-axe.’
      • ‘Once again ice hockey had been portrayed as a game for goons and it made me as mad as a meat axe.’
      • ‘Larry was as mad as a meat-axe and ordered that Hector accompanied him on a 'get even' mission.’
      • ‘Was it too much to own my experience without her trumping them with stories from her past? I'm entitled to be as mad as a meat ax.’
      • ‘Callum is going to be mad as a meat-ax.’