Meaning of (as) dead as mutton in English:

(as) dead as mutton


  • Quite dead.

    ‘Totally unsuccessful, because they are as dead as mutton.’
    • ‘He was as dead as mutton by the time I'd got him out of the little beggar's paws.’
    • ‘There have been numerous similar proverbial comparisons - dead as a mackerel, dead as mutton, dead as a herring, dead as stone - but this one, with its alliterative lilt, has survived longest.’
    • ‘There are lots of ways to resurrect a dead character, but for the moment it seems this one must remain dead as mutton, so how to cash in on all those fans still mourning the loss?’
    • ‘Look at all the people married since Adam and Eve - and all as dead as mutton.’
    • ‘In the 1970s, when men were going to the moon, Nasa worried about lunar infection, even though the experts were thoroughly convinced that our cratered neighbour was as dead as mutton.’
    • ‘She thanked the ‘opposition’ supporters for turning up in such large numbers and so helping her meetings to avoid getting the reputation of those of her opponents - that they were ‘as dead as mutton.’’