Meaning of (as) daft as a brush in English:

(as) daft as a brush


informal British
  • Very silly or foolish.

    • ‘the bright, cheeky lad is daft as a brush’
    • ‘He was the prankster in the dressing room and his former manager once fondly referred to him as being "daft as a brush".’
    • ‘I took my hosts' dog—a gorgeous cocker spaniel, daft as a brush—for a long walk.’
    • ‘They would be as daft as a brush not to accept free shares.’
    • ‘I must have been as daft as a brush to get in this position.’
    • ‘Kate is as daft as a brush and I love her for it.’
    • ‘He has an American bulldog which is as daft as a brush.’
    • ‘I wasn't the class clown but I was daft as a brush.’
    • ‘The general consensus was that I was mad as a brush.’
    • ‘Of course, she's also clearly mad as a brush.’
    • ‘He's daft as a brush but he should never change.’