Meaning of (as) clear (or sound) as a bell in English:

(as) clear (or sound) as a bell


  • Perfectly clear (or sound)

    ‘Aunt Nora's words came clear as a bell’
    • ‘‘Hi, this is Roger,’ said my buddy Roger - his voice clear as a bell on the answer phone.’
    • ‘When I got up the next morning, the dream was still clear as a bell, and it continues to stay with me until this day.’
    • ‘It switches between being clear as a bell, and being murky and distant.’
    • ‘He said: ‘I still remember the day as clear as a bell.’’
    • ‘Here I was speaking to a close friend of my uncle's for the first time ever, who although now in his 80s was as clear as a bell in his recounting of the old days.’
    • ‘The soundtrack is clear of any major hiss or distortion with all aspects of the dialogue, effects, and music clear as a bell.’
    • ‘‘The pleasure's all mine,’ said the voice, which was rather high but smooth and rang out clear as a bell.’
    • ‘The presentation here is distortion free and clear as a bell.’
    • ‘I can still remember the day she died as clear as a bell.’
    • ‘Then Rebecca moved through the audience to sing with a voice as clear as a bell.’
    distinctly, clearly, as clear as a bell, plainly, audibly, intelligibly, with clarity
    distinct, bell-like, as clear as a bell, clarion, pure