Meaning of (as) bald as a coot in English:

(as) bald as a coot


  • Completely bald.

    ‘Hence if Balde were, well, bald as a coot, knobbly-kneed or of Bunteresque physique, he would duly be ridiculed for these signs of imperfection.’
    • ‘One has luxuriant locks, their ever-changing style consuming the interests of fashion writers more interested in curling tongs than curling free-kicks; the other is as bald as a coot.’
    • ‘Have you ever heard him say ‘I'm as bald as a coot and have a massive collections of syrups’ (wigs in rhyming slang to the uninitiated)?’
    • ‘Of the ones sitting down the middle man was bald as a coot, his whole head shining with a sweat I thought would come away on my hand like coconut oil.’
    • ‘Sibelius was portrayed as a grim faced gentleman with mad, bulging eyes, bald as a coot.’
    • ‘I have very dark brown eyes and even though I now shave my head so I'm bald as a coot, I once had long dark brown flowing locks.’