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For Lexicography Feedback:

1. If you have general lexicographical feedback on a specific Dictionary or Thesaurus entry—such as a request for a new word or definition be added, flagging a typo, or other feedback about an existing entry — please fill out this form: Lexicography Feedback

  • ? Legitimate submissions will be shared with the Lexicographers at Oxford Languages, who write and manage the Dictionary content found on Please submit the form just once per specific issue. Please note: due to the volume of requests we receive, our team is not able to respond to emails regarding individual lexicography feedback.

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For citation queries:

1. Provided you precisely quote the entry and properly cite the source, you can cite definitions, example sentences or thesaurus content in your paper, essay, book, or other publication.  

  • ? All dictionary definitions, example sentences, and thesaurus content found on are provided by Oxford Languages, part of Oxford University Press. Oxford University Press is the author for all citations.
  • ? The publication date is 2021. 
  • ? The online dictionary name is 
  • ? The publisher for any articles and other editorial content is The publication date for articles is also 2021.
  • ? For example, the below sample citation shows the dictionary entry “wake,” in adapted Harvard citation format, accessed on 22 March 2021: 
  •    Oxford University Press (2021) wake. In:, Available at: [Accessed 22/03/2021].

2.  If you would, instead, like to cite our editorial content or articles

  • ? The publisher for any articles and other editorial content is 
  • ? The publication date for articles is also 2021.

For Grammar and Language queries:

  • ? Though our team is not able to respond to individual grammar questions, we do have many wonderful articles and resources on this topic! Please see our Grammar section:  

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